5 Inspirational Ganpati Decor Ideas which will impress anyone

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Castle Throne for Lord Ganesha


An impressive setting for a monarch to preside ‘in majesty’ only for Lord Ganesha! By using thermocol to build the castle, paints and place guards on top.

Make the phrase ‘To find an elephant in the Moon’ really sarcastic!


The phrase came about when a seventeenth century man proclaimed with much pride that he had discovered an elephant on the Moon. It turned out that a mouse had crept into his telescope, and he had mistaken it for an elephant.

But now you can keep both the elephant and the mouse on the moon! You just need to place cotton to create clouds and add lights for effect. Hang blue fabric in the background to make it look like the sky.

Golden Gate Ganesha – San Franciso!


Golden Gate Bridge, heralded as one of the top ten construction achievements of the 20th Century can be one of a remarkable theme for Ganpati decor! All you need is lot of red for the bridge, some good lighting and blues for the waters!

Make a Realm of the fays


Bring the sense of enchantment, illusion and dream to your home with the fairy land decor! These pretty butterflies are made out of acrylic sheets. Place them on flowers and light them up to get this effect.

The house of snow!


Highest mountain system on earth, the name Himalaya means the House of Snow!

You must have done this for your science project in school but now lets use this idea to make the house of snow decor! Buckets filled with sand and with pipes or sticks in it. Place a table in the center. Now dip a cotton cloth in the mixture of water, pop powder and DDL powder. Spread it all over. Concealing the bucket and the sticks. Let it dry, add lighting and your decor is done.

Good luck with your decoration! Here’s Ganesh Chaturthi wishes from Expo International.

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