5 Reasons why Retail Therapy is Good

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Everyone has that one down day where you just can’t seem to feel optimistic about anything. You know, one of those moods where a living being, breathing around you just pisses you off. That’s when it’s a good idea to resort to materialistic non-living objects. The surge of happiness will run through your veins with every touch, it will make you all warm and fuzzy and you start to look at yourself more positively, with a new found self love and appreciation. Yes, shopping is the only therapy we are referring to when your mood is down and gloomy. You don’t trust us on our retail therapy idea? We’ll give you five reasons to change that mindset, yeah?

#1 A ‘ME’ day

Everyone needs a break from absolute humanity. Not anti-social, you just need to regain sanity by spending some time with yourself. Find yourself that one perfect outfit. You know what we’re talking about. The one you twirl in, wink at yourself in the mirror and repeatedly blow kisses to your reflection, because you’re a fierce beauty! That is a guarantee ticket to happiness. And with all the mirrors in all the changing rooms, you get more of you! How is this anything but a win win situation? No talking to annoying people and make yourself feel special with all the new items you have bought. No one is more important than you!

#2 New clothes new ME!

Revamping your entire lifestyle and personality? What better way to do that by changing your wardrobe? Shed away all the negativity and irritation from the previous days and find yourself somewhere amongst all those clothes racks and shelves. It will give you confidence to embrace your new life and new identity and strut out a new person with absolute sass, because you GO GURL!

#3 Colour me cute

The absolute essential of a retail therapy is finding yourself a colour that describes you best and makes you feel like the exquisite lady you are. We say this with absolute surety, that when you stalk up your wardrobe with a colour that makes you happy, you will look forward to throwing on a killer outfit daily and taking the world in a stride!

#4 Get clicking!

Try out a few odd outfits, make a funny face, strike a funny pose and getting clicking! You will be surprised how happy and giggly you will be after doing some dumb things to gratify your inner child! Appreciate yourself the way you are in any given situation because you’re the QUEEN of the world, and even though you may have some downfalls, you have a tiara to hold up on that gorgeous head of yours.

#5 Squad Day out

So if you’re sad and don’t enjoy being all alone, very understandable. Give the squad a ring, and everyone can have a gossip day. Pamper yourself, talk about everything happening and making you sad, and compliment each other. What’s better than having your best friends around you bring your spirits high again?

Have those reasons got you craving a nice relaxing shopping spree? Do you wanna just revamp your entire look and closet? We at Expo International may not be professional counsellors, but we sure do put up a great show for retail therapy! And this time, we have brought you the best of the best at our very first Pop-up Exhibition – Design BAR. Clear your calendars on 25th and 26th June, for we bring you the best weekend haven for all your closet cravings, at Infiniti Mall, Andheri West.

Be ready to be completely glammed up after your visit to our FABULOUS exhibition. We are confident our collection will leave each of you wowing by the end. So, girls, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Even if you’re not sad, being happier is better! Ciao ladies!


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