5 Tips for a Monsoon Wardrobe

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The rains are finally showering down, and it gives life to everything it lays itself on! The dry leaves are rocking a deep green colour now and the children are splashing inside puddles all day. But very often, the entire weather puts you off because it suddenly feel like everything is unnecessarily drenched, you included!  And with the wrong wardrobe decisions, this season is UNBEARABLE!

Here are a few tips for you, to make the rains a tad bit more enjoyable and less stressful for your OOTD!

Colour play!

The weather may be gloomy, but your outfit doesn’t need to be the same! Play around with some fun and bright colours during the rainy weather! There may not be sunshine out in the open, so you could simply be the ray of sunshine everyone has been hoping to get  a glance of! Throw on some colourful tops and leggings and you’re good to go.

Drop the Denims

Denims during the rainy seasons is a complete no no! They become wet and heavy and when they are wet, they don’t even dry up easy. Soggy wet clothes give off a very sloppy look and no one aspires to have that look! Instead, you could perhaps treat yourself to a few rompers, shorts and 3/4th pants, but all cotton or synthetic.

Boot up!

Invest in a cute, chic pair of gum boots and trust us when we say this, they are worth every penny! The give off a very rainy vibe while keeping your outfit adorable and serve their basic purpose of protecting your feet from the muddy puddles.

Natural Up do

This is the most important tip during the monsoon season. Try keeping your make up and hair do to a minimum. No one wants to put tons of effort into getting the flawless make up look to only see it being destroyed after setting foot into the rains. Not only do you not want panda eyes, but applying too much make up and having a tight hair do increases the oiliness in the pores, leaving a sticky feeling behind. Ugh, it’s the worst!

Trinket time!

One should not just buy some colourful clothes but should also throw on a few accessories along with it! Monsoons is the best time to pull out those tiny little charm bracelets and metallic jewellery that has been pushed deep into your wardrobe during the summers!

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Hope to see you there, pretty ladies!

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