A Tribute to the Homemakers

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In a few of our blogs, we spoke about the powerful women who have built their business from dust and created an empire for themselves. They have shown that a woman is capable enough to do every task a man can, and with with the same amount of dedication and hard work, if not more. But these women are not the only women who have pushed their female race forward. Very often we forget to shine light on the importance of all the home makers who have brought us up with tender love and care, who are the reason behind each and everyone’s success.

No one can juggle responsibilities and deal with crisis better than these women. From the get go, these magnificent ladies have out done themselves with every task that is laid in their path. They are the true definition of multi tasking.

There is no denying that without them, we would be like lost puppies wandering aimlessly without knowing where to go next. Every lady who is a home maker, has successfully showered us with tender love and care, scolded us out of concern when we are in the wrong, been a friend and listened to our endless rants and been the proudest over the smallest of achievements.

For everything our beloved homemakers have done for us, we have a few elaborate days planned out for you! Come into our sanctuary of style and shopping and rejoice for the entire day amongst our top notch products. Bring your girls and have a joyous day of shopping and take a break from all your hectic life. AND we are not all about clothes and accessories! We have some amazing food stalls and fun events planned out at our exhibitions  for all you magnificent ladies!  

Very soon, Mumbai is going to be raining fashion at Shimmer N Style, The D’Zine Drama and The Marwari Shopping Fiesta. We at Expo International want to give you ladies a day off from all your responsibilities and make it your best, by surrounding yourself with the best and the trendiest products at our exhibitions! See you ladies very soon!

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