5 Different Ways to Carry a Dupatta

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Draping or carrying a dupatta differently is the fastest, and the easiest way to change the whole look of your outfit. If you don’t believe me, scroll down and see for yourself! Here are 5 gorgeous new ways to carry a dupatta!

1. The half pleated pallu

This style is so easy and effortless and yet it makes you look absolutely elegant in a jiffy! Follow the steps to learn how to carry your dupatta in this style.

Step 1: Take your dupatta and hold it near one corner, start pleating the dupatta along the width and then sling in over your left shoulder.

Step 2: Pull the dupatta down from the back until it reaches your waist and pin it on your shoulder with a safety pin.

Step 3: Grab the part of the dupatta that’s hanging in front of you and fan it out. Then sling it over your right shoulder so that it covers your right arm. And you’re done! Does’nt it look pretty?

2. The half-sari drape

This is a smart way to transform your old lehnga into a half-sari! And it’s so easy that you’d want to carry your dupatta like this every time you wear a lehnga!

Step 1: Grab one end of the dupatta and tuck a corner in the front left of your lehnga.

Step 2: Wrap the dupatta across your body going towards the right and bringing all the way around from the other side.

Step 3: Then sling it over your right shoulder and adjust it according to your preference for coverage. Pin it on the right shoulder to avoid slipping off.

3. The slipped-off pallu

This is a cool new way of draping a dupatta that’s inspired from the runway! You can wear it with lehngas, anarkalis, and also everyday salwar-kameez!

Step 1: Grab one end of the dupatta and start pleating it. Stop when you’ve reach halfway and throw one side over your left shoulder.

Step 2: Bring the other end of the dupatta and arrange the pleats if needed.

Step3: Carefully place it on your right forearm and let it hang loose. This style gives a really sexy “slipped-off” effect to your pallu.

4. For head coverage:

If you want to cover your head for any ritual or because you are a hijabi or simply because you don’t want to keep your head uncovered, this is a great style to achieve it.

Step 1: Hold the dupatta in front of you with the centre against your chest. Drape the sides over your shoulders and arrange the dupatta according to your preference.

Step 2: Pin the dupatta on one shoulder and grab the end hanging on the other shoulder. Bring the dupatta over your head and arrange it around your face. If your dupatta has a border, place it close to your hairline and if you are a hijabi then place the border a little lower that your hairline so that all your hair is nicely covered.

Step 3: Pin the dupatta on your head using straight pins and voila! So modest, yet so gorgeous!

5. For chest coverage

Two drape styles for chest coverage, dupattas,

Most people who like to cover their head and chest resort to using two dupattas. But you don’t have to necessarily do that. You can now cover your chest along with your head with one single dupatta in a stylish way. Here’s how!

Step 1: Hold the dupatta over your head so that one side hanging on your shoulder is smaller and the other side is longer. Try to keep a ratio of 1/4th to 3/4th.

Step 2: Pin the smaller side to your shoulder and bring the longer side in front. Then sling it over the opposite shoulder and arrange the dupatta in the front to cover your chest properly.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can also wrap the longer side of the dupatta on your forearm (of the opposite arm) and hold it in the inner part of your elbow. Easy-peasy!

Which dupatta draping style is your favourite? Tell us in the comment box.

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