Easy steps to make more sales at exhibitions

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The reasons why a brand or business attends the best exhibitions in Mumbai as a participant are simple:

  • To generate new leads
  • To convert the leads into business transactions and
  • To expand its client base.

One of the many ways a business can achieve all of the above is by ensuring it makes maximum sales in the exhibition & spreads the good word of mouth to its Target Audience or target market segment.

However, all this cannot be achieved if the business is unable to meet the set sales numbers at an exhibition.

So, is there a solution to this predicament!?


All a business would need to do is keep the following steps in mind:

Step 1: A business should set clear goals
Top exhibition organisers in India repeatedly ask their clients to have clear goalsbefore they even plan on participating at a trade exhibition.

When a business fails to outline its goals, it fails to make the minimum number of sales it needs to label its participation in the trade exhibition a grand success!

To be on the safe side of things a business should analyse its:

  • Sales numbers
  • Marketing strategies and
  • Overall reputation – for the past one year or so, before participating in an
    exhibition. If it finds that anything is amiss, it should take steps to improve it.

In the opinion of a leading exhibition company in Mumbai, only after analyzing the above-mentioned attributes, a business should set clear goals. This would allow them to think of sales strategies on the fly thus enabling them to make more sales!

Step 2: It should avoid making mistakes while designing its exhibition stand

Participating in an exhibition can only be deemed fruitful when the participating company went all-in and came up with an appealing exhibition stand design. Creating an appealing exhibition stand that resonates with the services or products offered by the company should be a priority. Well designed exhibition stands can help a business to grab the attention of visitors at an exhibition easily thus ensuring more sales.

Step 3: A business should engage with the visitors
In the opinion of experts associated with a leading company that is organizing the best exhibitions in India for a while now, a business or brand needs to actively engage with the visitors of the exhibition.

This is yet another important step that can help a business make more sales at an exhibition. By engaging with the visitors, your company representatives are signaling that your business cares for its clients and it is not here only to just make profits.

Step 4: Topics of discussion/demo should be altered
Engaging visitors is a must but make sure that your company representatives avoid speaking on the same topic over and over again. Each time a new topic should be chosen in order to keep things interesting.

To add more appeal, you can also ask your company representatives to use graphs, charts or a simple presentation.

Step 5: Business cards should be exchanged

Exchange business cards with the visitors attending your exhibition stand.

It is still one of the most efficient ways to get in touch with those who showed interest in the products or services offered by your company.

Making a lot of sales at an exhibition is not as difficult as you might have thought it would be. Follow the steps mentioned in the above sections diligently. For the best results, you can also increase your odds by hiring a reliable and renowned company to design your exhibition stand. That’s all for now!

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