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Smart Sales Strategy at Expo International

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The best and easiest way to generate leads for your business is to sell a lot of goods from your stall at trade fairs, expos and exhibitions. That stated, often exhibitors find themselves making serious mistakes that stop them from hitting the sales mark they had in mind.

The following sections shed light on 5 proven ways that can help one increase their sales the next time they lease a stall at an exhibition.

Let’s begin:

Never attend the exhibition alone

In the opinion of leading exhibition organizers in Mumbai, it is best to avoid manning the exhibition stall on your own!

Be sure that at least three to four of your company representatives are manning the exhibition stall. In this way, you will be able to address the needs of your visitors in the most efficient manner and making a lot of sales in the process!

Your stall should have the right theme and feel

It should be kept in mind that the overall theme, décor and feel of your stall should be the mirror image of your place of business. Be sure to implement a welcoming feel in your stall so that prospects get a comfortable vibe to walk into your stall at the exhibition.

Have a lot of interactive signs, e-boards and related marketing props in your stall. Use these to run infomercials about your company and its range of products.

Be sure to take steps as per your checklist

In the opinion of an expert associated with a leading exhibition company in Mumbai, you would need to carefully prepare a comprehensive checklist that should contain the following:

  • Details about the people you are going to meet.
  • The contact details about the people in question.
  • The interests of the people that you are going to meet.
  • The actions you would need to take to ensure that you are making sales every time the people in your checklist are visiting your stall.

Prepare the above-mentioned checklist and follow it diligently. If you do so, you will be making a lot of sales!

Be forthcoming with answers

Always welcome queries from your patrons whether or not they are interested in the things you have displayed at your stall for sale. You never know who might be watching! When you welcome queries with open arms, you are sending out the signal that your company prioritizes the needs of its customers. Patrons love that!

Even if the person who asked the question left your stall without buying anything, you never know, the person or the group of people standing behind in the crowd, who listened to your answer, suddenly had the urge to make a purchase!

Prepare well for the things you are going to say!

Never fumble when you are delivering a verbal demonstration about the products you have on your stall for sale. You would need to have in-depth knowledge about the goods.

This display of confidence can help you make a lot of sales at an exhibition and that too in minimal delay!


Follow the tips mentioned in this post and get in touch with a renowned event management company like Expo International for the best results. This Mumbai-based company has been gaining a lot of grounds in terms of popularity and for the right reasons. Their customer-centric approach and impressive packages make them the best in the sector!

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