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What to expect at Design Bar Infinity Mall, Andheri

Expo International's Design Bar is this coming weekend (25th-26th June) and the anticipation is higher than ever! This is our very first pop up exhibition and we're bouncing off walls with excitement! We are doing everything in our capacity to have the best pop up exhibition ever, only for you! We'll tell you why Design Bar is where you want to be this weekend! Flea Feel With stalls spread at our venue, this pop up exhibition has a pure flea market feel. Selling different and unique ...

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Women Entrepreneurs of the Fashion Industry

Today, we are witnessing the world come into the clutches of women, slowly but surely. We are finally breaking out of those chains of misogyny that held us back and are growing into strong, independent individuals. Women everywhere, India particularly have taken the fashion industry by a storm, because they choose to fight against all odds and worked towards constructing their dreams into reality. As a salute to all these women, we have summed up the work of 5 successful women entrepreneurs ...

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5 Reasons why Retail Therapy is Good

Everyone has that one down day where you just can’t seem to feel optimistic about anything. You know, one of those moods where a living being, breathing around you just pisses you off. That’s when it’s a good idea to resort to materialistic non-living objects. The surge of happiness will run through your veins with every touch, it will make you all warm and fuzzy and you start to look at yourself more positively, with a new found self love and appreciation. Yes, shopping is the only ...

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