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Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs from Bollywood

Shilpa Shetty This beautiful actress from B-town decided to participate in Big Brother, the show that was to eventually rev up her otherwise sinking career. A racial comment by one of the participants led to the portrayal of Shilpa as a victim and she went on to win the show. Putting her then popularity to good use, she launched a perfume, a fitness DVD and also became a partner of the IOSIS chain of spas in Mumbai. Her marriage to business tycoon Raj Kundra seems to have brought out the ...

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Inspire a generation- An Expo International exclusive feature

Gone are the days where women shied away from becoming independent individuals or were scared to face the world head on because it's a "man's job". The male dominated world was always reluctant to even acknowledge the fact that women were as good as men on parameters of hard work, intelligence quotient and leadership traits, but the female race have tackled each of these doubts, fiercely and with absolute finesse. Women have built themselves up from scratch and created a large pool of ...

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