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8 Simple Tricks to make more sales at an exhibition

Selling at exhibitions is one of the proven ways of generating quality leads as well as sales for your physical goods. However, many exhibitors find themselves committing some serious blunders making the process not so profitable for them. We, at Expo International want to help all the exhibitors out there with our quick tips on making more sales at an exhibition. 1. Never go alone! You probably already know very well that running a stand is a full-time job while an exhibition is on, and it ...

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5 Festivals Mumbai is Looking Forward To!

It's almost the end of July and Mumbai is prepping for the storm of festivals that is about to hit us! Mumbai is one of the coolest cities in India to reside in and our motto is "Go big or go home!" and this motto reigns over our festivals too! No festival is left to be celebrated on a small scale and we love it. Want to know what festivals are most exciting? Raksha Bandhan 18th August, Mumbai will be filled mutual admiration and respect for your siblings, for it is Raksha Bandhan! Rakhi ...

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