Women Entrepreneurs of the Fashion Industry

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Today, we are witnessing the world come into the clutches of women, slowly but surely. We are finally breaking out of those chains of misogyny that held us back and are growing into strong, independent individuals. Women everywhere, India particularly have taken the fashion industry by a storm, because they choose to fight against all odds and worked towards constructing their dreams into reality.

As a salute to all these women, we have summed up the work of 5 successful women entrepreneurs who have left a mark in the fashion industry, undoubtedly.

#1 Rashi Menda

Rashi Menda is the genius behind the online retail, Zapyle. Zapyle is a platform wherein customers can buy and sell their pre owned luxury clothes. The idea came to her when she caught herself complaining she had nothing to wear even though she had a closet full of clothes. Very often we do desire to own couture clothes but our budget doesn’t allow us to do so. This C2C platform was a market to share your clothes, in a way.

Before Zapyle, Rashi Menda did her BA in Economics and International Business from University of Minnesota and worked in strategic alliances & marketing, tax analysis, etc. 

#2 Shuchi Pandya

Jewellery queen, Shuchi Pandya fouded the company, Pippa+Bella at a young age, conceptualizing selling jewellery at affordable prices. She came from a family of jewellers and brainstormed this idea when she was doing her MBA at Wharton School, after completing her Marketing degree at New York University. In a competitive market, she knows how to keep herself abover her competitors by releasing over 100 designs a  week! The main motto for Pippa+Bella is to ensure each piece of jewellery is affordable yet has impeccable quality!

Recently, she has raised funds of over 650,00$ from the Singapore based company, Lion Rock Capital.

#3 Lavanya Venkataram

Co-founder of Urban Tailor, Lavanya Venkataram changed the face of tailors in Bangalore. Her fellow founders, Vasudevan Thrikkazhipuram and Ashish Singhal have created a platform for women tailoring work, at their doorstep. Urban Tailor offers tailoring services, including free pick-up of the material that is to be stitched and a simple-to-use, online design and customization tool, which ensures proper measurement, styling, and fitting. This platform stitches a garment as per the measurements and delivers it back to the customer in 10 days.

Lavanya is a NIFT graduate andcompleted her Master’s degree from the London College of Fashion. Prior to co-founding Urban Tailor, she was a manager in the marketing team for business alliances at Myntra.

#4 Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee is a 43 year old entrepreneur who has found herself a perfect balance of business and raising her two children. She is the founder of the rapidly growing online shopping platform, LimeRoad

LimeRoad provides a range of some of the most innovative, unique and interesting lifestyle products across categories like apparel, accessories, home and non-perishable food collected from carefully selected retailers.The factor that sets this platform aside, is its unique concept of 100% user generated content, which is created by its scrap booking community and is exclusive to LimeRoad. That means all the products that you see on the site are manufactured by the users of the site itself called the – scrap booking community.

Suchi Mukherjee on a personal front, completed her Bachelors in Arts with specialization in Economics and Maths from the University of Cambridge and also holds a Masters Degree in Finance & Economics from the London School of Economics. Before her career as an entrepreneur, she worked at Lehman Brothers, Virgin Media and eBay.

#5 Radhika Aggarwal

Radhika joined her husband Sandeep Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi to set up ShopClues in 2011, targeting India’s new middle class, rather than the upmarket mall goer. The firm gets its funds from GIC, the largest sovereign wealth fund of Singapore, Tiger Global, and Nexus Venture Partners as investors.

Stepping away from the typical money making products like electronics, ShopClues creates chunk of its business from home furnishings like bedsheets and towels.

Radhika Aggarwal has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a post-graduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

We at Expo International, are celebrating the Indian Independent Women of today this whole week in wake of the upcoming Independence Day.

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